Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Joey and I (Aunt Amy) went to visit Nick today in hospital. Joey and Nick spent the day playing lego stars (onXbox). Colby and daddy showed up and the game continued. Nick was really upset to be there and wanted to go home. Karen explained he needed to stay to get better. Nick continues to run a mild fever but feels and looks good. And that is the hardest thing as a parent to watch Nick be upset. The love and support the Shannon has received is just unbelievable and keeps them going. We all can’t thank everyone enough for their thoughts. Karen and Greg are the best parents around to be staying positive and holding strong for their son. As emotional and upsetting the situation is, they remain calm. From the dinners, to donations, raffles, gift cards, home improvements and support the entire family is staying strong. We hope to see Nick go home this weekend, as all tests are negative and the fever looks to be ‘viral’. We love you Nick and Shannon family!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 3 - The Shannon Family (Consolidation 1)

Hello to everyone. We have made it through the induction phase and now Nicholas is in 'remission'. It is weird how they say remission because he will be going through the toughest part of his whole treatment over the next 6-8 months. T-cell leukemia requires the strongest chemo treatment, radiation and spinals during our next phase. We have been told to get ready for the rollacoaster of side effects to the drugs he will be getting. At least he gets to take a break from the steroids for a while. The last week of his induction phase was definitely challenging with the mood swings and feeding schedule. We know the changes in him that we did see was from the meds and not who he really is. We are ready to have our Nick back.
We have been in the hospital since Tuesday for 3 chemo treatments, the start of consolidation phase 1. This phase lasts for 14 days and then he has a week off before the next phase. So far his body has done well with the chemo. He spiked a fever today and as long as it is down for 24 hours, we could go home tomorrow late afternoon. I know Nick is ready to go home. He is playing Lego Star Wars on the Xbox right now. I had to give up playing with him.... I think I am too old to learn this stuff. We did enjoy some family time at the hospital today. Colby skipped school and Tom made the nurses day with his smiling face.
Our time at the hospital has been very supportive since Nick's friend Sean was admitted on Tuesday as well. The two boys have become good friends and really enjoy their playtime together. It was great for Nick to see another 4 yr. old with a port and having to take medicine, even though he did not want to. I am sure we will meet many more strong kids during our journey.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nick's busy weekend

Nick and the family had a very busy weekend. Friday morning started with a playdate with his friend Michael and then a sleepover at Joey’s Friday night. Saturday brought another playdate, his friend Sean who is also fighting Leukemia. Sunday brought a visit from Uncle Dick and Aunt Mary and dinner from friends. Nicholas had a busy, fun and active weekend. He even got a ride on daddy's ATV. Greg and Colby look great with their new haircuts and Joey is getting jealous that Nick now has less hair than him. Nick will be admitted to the hospital on Tuesday to start Phase II, consolidation phase, if all goes well with his blood counts. This Phase will be very difficult for Nick and the family, as they start a new round of treatments and shots. Nick has been so strong and brave through the past month, we know he will get through this. Thanks everyone for their love and support – the Shannon family needs it!