Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Clinic Visit and Doses Lowered

We all had a great weekend. Greg & I went to a wedding and night away. The kids had sleepover's while Grammy watched Tom for the night. Thank you to Debbie and Aunt Amy for taking the boys, they had a great time and were very tired on Sunday. Grammy said Tom was wonderful and we thank you for taking his as well. He is at a great age and really talking up a storm. I can not believe he will be 2 in July. Colby marched in his first baseball parade and was excited to throw out candy to all the kids cheering them on. We actually felt 'normal' for the week and enjoyed the family time on Sunday.
I took Nick to clinic today. He was good but very upset to hear that his DS player was not there and we had lost it. We have looked everywhere for it and really thought clinic might have it. He was distracted playing the clinic's DS players with Alayna and together they teamed up to play games. His counts are good, still not as high as I thought they would be:
WBC: 3.9
RBC: 10.4
APC: 1,900
They have decided to lower the Methotrexate dose from 32mg to 25mg and the 6mp by 20%. The Vincristine will stay the same because that does not have an effect on dropping his counts. They believe Nick's bone marrow is just getting tired this late in treatment. They have seen this happen before and are not to concerned of dropping the dose. They are also checking his levels from the IVIG transfusions and we will see if he needs another one.

I am attaching an article Greg found from the Joe Gibbs (racing and former NFL coach). His grandson battled ALL and the article did a great job sharing the journey and how the parents felt. We can relate to a lot their quotes and how we felt at different time during the journey. They summed it up a lot better than I could.
Hope you enjoy it. Karen