Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nick's Home from Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Nick attended his first week ever of sleep over camp. He did great. Greg & I picked him up this morning. We were sent to the dining hall to get him and when we walked in Nick was dancing (w/one of his councilors) to the music. We both just watched him and he was still so happy. Once the song was over, I ran over and hugged him. Tears were, again, in my eyes and he was just smiling so brightly and hugging me tight. The councilors had so many positives things to say about Nick and I told them I was looking forward to hearing all about his week on the way home. In true Nick fashion, he did not dissappoint us. He talked the whole way home about camp. There were so many activities that he had opportunity to do this past week and most importantly, he made lots of friends at camp. He rode horses, swam, caught a bunch of fish, theatre, carnival night, woodshop and so much more. He told us funny incidents that happened during the week with the councilors and his friends.
Here is one of his stories: "I caught Lucy, no lips fish. See, the first person who caught Lucy,had the hook on her upper lip and her lip came out. the second person who caught it had the hook on the lower lip and it came out. I caught her on the cheek but you know, the lips will grow back on Lucy."
Another one: "The sad part of camp is once you stay in cabin 15 (the last one), you can no longer be a camper." Nick was in cabin 1 and he has 8 more years before that will happen. We explained to him that he could be an LIT (Leader in training) after that.
He also learned how to TP (yes, toilet paper) the cabins. He said he could throw the roll really good over the cabin. What 7 yr old knows how to do that these days? He kept saying "I can TP really good."
A week from Sunday we will be driving Colby to camp (siblings week) and Nick is already excited to go back and see his councilors. We know Colby will have a wonderful and exiting experience, just like Nick.