Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Nick missed his 4th day of school

I guess scared is all that I can think of these days. We are so proud that Nick has started kindergarten and he absolutely loves it. I can actually enjoy some quiet time at home and get my work done without interuptions. There is not a minute that goes by while Nick is at school that I can not help but wonder.... is he washing his hands, did he touch anything, did someone sneeze on him. I understand these things are out of my control, but letting go, is not easy. So, what happened? Nick definitely had some dirarhea on Wednesday during the day. He went to bed Wed. night and woke up in the middle of the night and threw up. We told him Thursday morning that he could not go to school and he was so upset. He was worried that he might be 'star of the day' and he would miss it. We explained to him that star of the day would be someone attending school that day and he would have another chance. Greg called clinic and Nurse Clarie said to give him some zofran (anti-nausea medicine we usually give him before chemo). She said as long as he does not have a fever, to continue to watch him and keep liquids in him. The zofran seemed to help his stomach pain and stop the throwing up. He went to the bathroom quite a bit, but we think he was just getting rid of the virus he had. He feels much better today and the kids are actually off today, which is good, because I do not think I would have sent him anyways. We are planning on enjoying the long weekend with the kids and some outdoor time. Karen

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kindergarten Here We Come

I have to first start off with our day at the beach. A thank you to Debbie and Mike who hosted us for a day in Marshfield. The boys were so excited to hang to with Michael and Maggie and Colby learned how to Boogie board and 'dive' the waves. Nick was more chill and played with maggie on the swingset. It was a great way to end the summer. This summer has gone by so fast and I am sure many people agree, although it has been different this year, we really enjoyed every non-rainy minute we could.

Colby and Nicholas started school on Monday. Colby is in 1st grade and Nick started Kindergarten. If we think back to about 10 months ago we never would have thought Nick would be able to go to kindergarten. We are so proud of him and how strong he has been through the harsh treatments. Sunday night, Greg and I were so happy to have the boys asleep by 8:30pm. Unfortunately it did not last to long, Nick woke up with extreme back pain. Greg was up with him most of the night trying to ice pack his back and giving him some medicine. We think the pain was from his spinal and just coming off steroids. He was still in a lot of pain on Monday morning. We told him it was okay to skip school today, but what 5 year old wants to miss their first day of school. He was so determined to take the bus and get to school, he just dealt with the pain and off he went. It was wonderful to see both our boys get on the bus and have an awesome first day. Colby came home to tell us that: "He does not have homework, but Greg and I do." I picked Nick up from school and headed to clinic after. He was very tired but everyone at clinic were walking around and congratulating Nick on his first day of school. (I think he wanted to be left alone and rest.... but he deserved the spotlight). We are off for another eventful day. Nick is feeling much better today. Take care and good luck to all the kids starting school. Karen