Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I know I do not spend a lot of time blogging anymore. I am not sure if anyone is still reading this or not. I think about blogging and then I get busy and tell myself I will do it later. Everyone is great. It is school break this week and we have the boys busy everyday on top of baseball every night. There is a lot of laughter, screaming boys and tired parents at night. I have been doing double duty with work and Greg is in school and working so schedules seem to be filled these days. There is little time to think about the 'what if's' for Nick, so we move forward. Nick had his first pediatrician visit since his diagnosis this week. (I called the clinic for the everything...just did not trust anyone else during his treatment) He is great overall, below the bar on height and weight, it could be just genes or from the chemo/radiation. We really will not know until later on and when he is older. Colby on the other hand is growing leaps and bounds. He grew 4 inches in 1.5 years and gained weight. It is hard to tell I have two 7 year olds until 4/25 (then colby turns 8) with such a height difference. One month and Nick will be off the Bactrum, which means, he is done with all meds. I still have his old medicine in the cabinet and have not cleaned it out yet. I look at the bottles and of course memories flash into my head, I just need to get rid of the stuff.