Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Colby's Birthday and The Tomorrow Fund Stroll

The kids have had a good week. Auntie Michele had them for a sleepover and I know they had fun. Nick was able to go in the jacuzzi and I am sure it felt good on his back. Colby was at Karate camp yesterday and had a blast with his friends. Tomorrow we will participate in the annual Tomorrow Fund Stroll for Nick's clinic. We are very excited to go and have our friends and family with us. http://tomorrowfund.org/ If you would like to read about the walk and the Tomorrow Fund, I have attached the link. We are team 'Nick Dragon' for tomorrow and if you are interested in donating, please reference our team. I will post pictures next week.

Nick is feeling good this week. He has developed a really deep cough and we have been giving cough drops for it. Hoping it will pass and not develop into anything. He has also complained of hand pain and we are not sure why. I think it is muscle spasms but we will ask at clinic on Monday. Take care, Karen

Monday, April 19, 2010

School Vacation

Nick did very well with the steroids this time around. He did not have a huge craving of anything but did favor cheese, crackers & pepperoni. We weaned him off the steroids over the weekend and we believe it did not make a difference. Nick had a melt down on Sat. because he wanted a sleepover at Joey's house and we said no, not tonight. Aunt Amy agreed to take Nick & Colby last night for a sleepover and after Joey's birthday party. Nick was good at the party but once we got to Amy's house, he fell asleep on the couch. He pretty much slept the rest of the afternoon and we asked him to come home with us when we where leaving, but he said no. Amazing that Nick is not fazed by the fact he slept through his whole sleepover while everyone played around him. We brought morphine and Tylenol w/codeine to help with the pain if needed. We briefed Amy on the timing and when to give it and then we headed home. I never heard our phone ring last night (come to find out it was not working) and figured it was a good night..... not so much. I guess Amy was up with Nick some of the night because he was in pain. She ended up giving him 2 morphine (half) pills and the codeine later in the evening. Nick woke up this morning feeling great and has not had pain all day. We think we know why he is in pain but it is a lot of pain for a short period of time. I spoke with Nurse Pat today and told her I did not think the weaning was worth it and he only ate more during the extra two days. I am not sure if we will do this again for the next cycle. Thank you Aunt Amy for being with Nick through the night.... you got first hand experience of our Nick.
Today was clinic day and Colby came with us. The place was very busy with school break and all. We ran into a family who is back... their daughter, Samantha (3) had a brain tumor over a year ago and was confirmed cancer free last summer. They are back now because Samantha just had 3 tumors removed from her brain and has an aggressive form of cancer now. This is the first family we know who is going through the process for a second time. Please say an extra prayer for this family. Today was their first day and I know the mother was pretty upset. Colby was able to distract her brother, Ethan, and they played the Wii together for a long time. We are looking forward to the Tomorrow Fund stroll this weekend. We are team 'Nick Dragon' and we hope for good weather.
Nick's counts:
WBC: 5.6
RBC: 10.6
Plts: 153
APC: 2,900
Take care, Karen