Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 8 (Consolidation 1)

Just checking in with everyone. Nick got his temparature down today, but then it did up again. They finally think they know what is causing the fever (not an infiection) and are trying to get things right. He is such a tough a kid and does not complain about pain. As with any 4 year old he is trying to figure out what is going on. The Shannon family is hanging in there , visiting Nick everyday to keep him busy. Joey got to see his port put in today and thought it was 'cool'. Nick still just wants to be home, we all are hoping he will be home soon. He has definitely mastered Lego Star Wars and will be the Champion by the time he leaves the hospital - watch out gamers. We all wish you a Happy Thanksgiving - keep Nick in your thoughts.

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