Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Shannon Family

We weathered the steroids for the past 5 days and today was the last day. He is a ball of energy all morning long, eats lots of salty food and yells at everyone and then he crashes for a couple of hours. We love that he is smiling more now and trying to tell his silly jokes to anyone who will listen. We think the shots are wearing his legs down because he definitely gets winded just walking up our stairs, but his mind still has lots of energy to burn. He actually gained weight this week, which is great because he was not eating for a little while... too much sleeping going on. You can see his legs getting skinnier but his stomach and face looking bigger. We are waiting for the weather to turn warmer, so we can get outside and play. Nick is always cold (I guess having no hair will do it to you) so we keep him warm with blankets inside. Nick had another shot yesterday... one more to mark off the calendar. He is getting used to the routine at clinic now, which makes us feel better too.

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Jean said...

GO NICK.....We are rooting for you, you are getting better, little by slow. We say a prayer for you, Colby, Thomas, Mom and Dad every night.... Hope your weekend is a happy one.