Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Shannon Family - Counts are low today

Hi All,
As Amy posted previously, we took the family into Boston for the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Nick had been talking about it all week. He was looking forward to it, but was also very tired and in pain that day. Nick did tell me today, that he like the storm troopers and the horses smelled really bad. He plugged his nose while telling me the had a good time. He looked very cute bundled up and sunglasses on, when it was 60 degrees out. As long as he was warm... he does not complain.
Today at clinic, Nick was great. He did not cry for his port to be accessed or the shot in the leg. Yep, he took the shot like a big kid. That was the good news of the day. The bad news is that his counts are real low. We are borderline for a blood transfusion and on fever watch. There are a couple of reasons for the low counts: 1. He just had a high dose of chemo last week and it drops his counts, 2. His body could be fighting off a virus or 3. All of the above. We will keep a close eye on him this week and hopefully he can rebound quickly and no hospital visits.

White Blood Cell (WBC): 1.1 (Normal 5.0-15.0)
Red Blood Cell (RBC): 8.6 (Normal 10.5-13.5)
Platelets (PLTS): 62 (Normal 150-400)
APC Number: 143 -- Not good

Nick has been in a lot of pain this weekend. We expected the pain 5 days after the chemo and steroids, but it never gets easier watching your child dealing with it. He will take the pain medicine after a while. The doctor has a little concern about his bone density and the effect of the drugs. He can barely walk today because of the soreness and pain. They are thinking of doing an MRI on his legs in the upcoming weeks to make sure everything is okay. More to come. We are going home now...... another shot down.

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