Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Nick - 5 Yrs. Old

Nick turned 5 today. Yipppeeee! We are so excited for him. He had a great time with Grammy taking him over to the Love's house (getting into a routine now). Eventhough he is weathering the steroids, he was really happy. Autie Lisa showed up and he told her 'I hope you have a gift for me'. He does not completely understand that the hotel was his Bday gift and there will be more to come. He is starting to feel pain again and dragging a leg, but his spirits are good and he does smile. I attached a couple of pictures. One is the breakfast in bed at the hotel. He was not interested in the food but played with the 'sleep number' buttons most of the time. The second picture is tonight and him opening a couple of gifts. Tom was amazed by the flashes....On each picture you will see a pillow of 'Thomas the Train'. We bought this pillow for him a couple of years ago and he never goes anywhere w/o it. It helps him through clinic and hospital visits. Just one of things we LOVE about Nick. All the kids at clinic grab for it and he is so protective of it. Too cute. Keep Rocking Nicholas Andrew Shannon.


lfitzpatrick said...

Happy Birthday Nick!! We can't believe you are 5 - what a BIG BOY! Maybe you can come over for a playdate and some cupcakes and we can all sing! (Well, maybe not - we SO totally cannot sing. American Idol will NOT be seeking out the Fitzpatricks). We are so proud to hear of your great spirits and all the great work you have done! Please know we think of you often and pray for you always. My Mom will call your Mom for some play time! Love, Shaunee Fitzpatrick

Anonymous said...


All of your friends at Prospect hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!! We miss you, and hope you can come and see us at school again soon! Be brave and strong, and know that we are always praying for you!

Love, Miss Kristen, Miss Michelle, Miss Andrea, and all of your friends! :)