Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yesterday was Nick's last spinal for his protocal of ALL T-Cell. I have mentioned before how much he has gone through and what a great child he is. He was great yesterday during clinic and only asked a few times for food. It was a long day for us, Nick was up at 6am and he did not have his procedure until noon. He could not eat before his procedure so basically the last time he ate was 6pm the night before. The procedure went smoothly and the fluid looked clear dripping out of his spine. We do not have pathology reports yet, but we remain optismistic everything is ok. When everything was done, Nick was snoozing and Greg & I just looked at each other.... We both know,it feels great on one hand to think no more chemo will be injected into his spine but then you think.... is that okay? Could he relaspe? Nick knows he is almost at the end of his treatment but I try to be careful in telling him he will 'never' have this done again. Greg & I are just not there yet.
He woke up quickly after the procedure and felt a little dizzy, but still tried to play his DS right away. We promised him lunch on the way home and we stopped at a small Italian restaurant with patio seating. Luckily Nick chose to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather. He did mention he felt like throwing up and then he was okay. His food came and after a few bites he did throw up... good thing we were outside. After that he said he felt better and continued to eat half his meal. This has happened to us before and I just think it is a combination of the chemo, his sleepy medicine and the fact he likes to get up right away after the procedure and leave.
He is back in school today and looking forward to seeing his friends. It will be interesting if he tells them about his day yesterday. His story usually goes like this: "I was not in school today because I had to get sleepy medicine so the doctor can stick a needle in my back. I know this because I always find a band aid on my back when I wake up." Another round of steroids start this week along with 6MP. We hope to enjoy this weekend with the great weather and Nick sleeping over at Papa Boston's house. Karen

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