Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Friday, December 17, 2010

200th Post and 1 thing left to do

Hello, We had a very eventful (in a good way) day at clinic. Nick was scheduled for his Lumbar Puncture (spinal) and bone aspiration at 11:30 in the PICU recovery. Greg & I decided not to leave until 10am, and relax a little at home. As soon as we walked into clinic, Santa Claus came in to see everybody. Nick told him he really wants a new blue bike this year. He learned how to ride w/o training wheels at the end of the summer and is ready to step up to the big kids bike. He had his picture taken and he built a wooden frame, at clinic, to put it in. Clinic also had a table full of toys for each child to pick one. Nick picked the Spiderman Monopoly. He had his port accessed and his counts done. Then we headed up to the 5th floor where Flashes of Hope was taking photos. We have been very lucky to have flashes of hope capture Nick's progression through his treatment. I will have to make a collage for him some day. Then we finally headed down for the procedure. Greg & I were able to stay in the room and hold Nick while he fell asleep. He was really good and only complained about being hungry a few times.... I think he was just bored. We have seen the spinal procedure before. The doctor inserts a very small needle in the spine and fluid drips out into the sample tube. The fluid was very clear and exactly how the doctor likes to see it. The bone aspiration was very interesting. They insert a needle, the size of a food thermometer into the back of his hip bone and then use a syringe to draw the marrow out (which is red). He received more sleeping medicine this time and he slept for an extra hour before waking up. He felt sore last night where the spot was but it did not stop him from running around and going to Cub Scouts with his brother.
The next step is to schedule the port removal and EKG on his heart. We are working on scheduling something in January.
We look forward to enjoying time with friends and family this weekend and let the boys be boys. I will try to update after Christmas with the exciting gifts the boys will receive. Until then, be safe, Merry Christmas and don't forget to give your kids the extra hugs they deserve.

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