Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We are Back

We are back from vacation and had a great time. The kids were great. We drove to North Carolina to see my sister, Christa and family. The kids really enjoyed spending time with their cousins, Justin, Luke and Kaitlyn. We went to the pool everyday and a couple of highs: Nick jumped off the high dive, Colby doing flips off the low dive and Tommy enjoying the trampoline everyday. The older boys enjoyed taking a ride on Uncle Mark's motorcycle. The kids woke up late everyday.
On Thursday we left and headed to Hershey park in PA for 2 nights. The first night was very adventorous for us. As we were leaving our room to go to dinner the boys were running down the hallway and took a quick right hand turn. My older son turned back and by accident pushed Tom into the corner of the wall. He ended up with a huge a gash on his forehead and to the ER we go. After 5 hours he ended up with 3 stitches inside and 5 on the outside. I think I have really lost my patience at the ER. Tom was bleeding and no one even came to look at him for over an hour. I believe it is just the thought of being there again. Greg took the boys to dinner and then took over 2nd shift so I could take Colby & Nick to Hershey Park for the nighttime premiere. Eventhough it was a set back for us, we still made the best of the trip on the next day. Nick's diagnosis has taught us so much and under the circumstances with Tom, Greg & I were very calm. The boys had so much fun at Hershey Park, even in the 103 degrees temperature. We ALL, as a family, rode a roller coaster together and many other rides.

We just dropped Nick off at Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for his first time at a sleepover camp. He was very excited today and definitely not patient waiting to go through the line and checking in with the doctor. Once he got to his cabin and met his roomies he was so happy. He gave us great big hugs and his smile told us everything would be just fine. I, of course, cried and luckily I had my sun glasses on so he would not see my tears. I think they were tears of happiness for him, knowing he is going to have fun but also missing him this week. Hole in the Wall is magical and Greg & I feel safe about nick spending the week there.

Quick Story:
I was out of town the past two days at a charity golf tournament for my work. The company we supported has the charity event every year and part of their donation goes to Hole in the Wall. So last night, at the dinner, after golfing, I was able to meet some of the top people at Hole in the Wall that make it all happen for these kids. Of course they remembered Nick from family weekends and were so excited to hear he was attending this week. You really feel part of their family. I will blog next week about his experience. I already packed a goody bag for him that I am mailing tomorrow and plan to mail a couple of letters to. I already miss the little guy so much......Karen

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