Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Shannon Family-- Back in the Hospital

Hello All,
A bit of a surprise for us today. We had planned a sleepover at Grammy's and house and Karen dropped the kids off and came home. Nick fell asleep on the couch and worried Grammy took his temperature. It was high enough to send us to the ER. At the ER they access his port and draw blood for cultures and counts. His blood counts came back REALLY low, which means he earned himself a couple days (we hope only a couple) in the hospital. He will probably receive a blood and platelet transfusion tomorrow. Nick is snoozing now, but not to happy about having to stay. He knows some of the nurses on the 5th floor, red pod and is getting more comfortable during his stay their. It is frustrating not knowing what causes his little body to change so quickly and how to prevent this in the future. We can only try and do our best to look for signs in him. Greg and I are on vacation this week, so at least we can juggle our time with the kids and wait for Nick to get better asap.


Jean said...

Hope the New Year brings you fewer hospital stays, strong faith and a positive outlook...... Thank God for worried Grammie's! Rusty Roy and the rest of us New Yorker's are praying for you and your whole family Nick.

Auntie Lisa said...

Nick, I was sad to learn that you had to go back in to the hospital but glad that you are getting the care you need. I hope you get better quick and can be home so that we can come and see you and you can teach me how to play the Wii. I love you Auntie Lisa