Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back to our normal self

Well, Nick is finally coming back to being his normal cheery self. We were not sure if his depressed behavior was all from the Steroids or a combination of steroids and chemo or if the side effects of radiation were starting to kick in. It looks like it was one of the first two. This week at clinic Nick allowed them to take blood from his arm and they were succesful on the first try. He then got another shot and handled it O.K. Nick came with me to work today. It wasn't that much fun I ran around trying to meet with people before we left to come back home. Nick was a trooper and was very patient and quiet. Nick will not be going to school this week as they are taking a field trip to McDonald's. We don't go there anymore, couldn't imagine what is lurking in that play place. Tom had a cold late last week into the weekend and it was a chore to keep Nick away. Looks like we might have dodged that one. Our heightened attention to sickness really makes you aware of all the people sniffling and sneezing in the world. Something I never paid that much attention to before. It is kind of like when you buy a car and then realize the other million of them on the road. Keep up the prayers, we feel them every day. Thank You!


Nana and Papa Charlie said...

Nick - That is so great that you let them take your blood from your arm. You are such a big BOY. Maybe tomorrow we can play some games on the Wii when Thomas is sleeping. See you! Love Nana

Grammy said...

Hi Nick,
I'm packing today to head home. I'll see you on Monday if not before. I miss you but am happy to hear that you are being such a brave boy. I hope to bring some warm weather with me. It has been cold but heading up into the 60's for the weekend.
Love, Grammy

Auntie Lisa said...

Excellent job Nick! You are such a brave boy and we all see it. I'm glad to hear you are feeling more like yourself and I hope to be able to see you this weekend. Love Auntie

The Love Family said...

Nick - cant wait to see you tomorrow - joey and megan just have so much with you and colby. Kendra admires thomas, although he may not like it (especially when she steals his binkie). Stay tough and beat nana in Wii. love joey, megan and kendra.