Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Shannon Family-- Surprised us with a Fever

As you know from previous blog, Nick had a good week. Eventhough he was tired he was still happy. We noticed him looking a little pale last night and kept taking his temperature. It seemed to be creeping up, but then he fell asleep and everything was okay. He woke up with a stomach ach last night, that carried into the morning. I took him temp. this morning and he had spiked to 100.4, which for Nick, is a high temp. and requires admittance to the hospital. He cried that he did not want to go, but I bought him the new Madagascar 2 movie today and convinced him he could watch it at clinic. See, the positive thing about spiking a fever during the day is that we can go to clinic and avoid the ER. Since clinic is open, we walk in and they accessed his port and drew blood right away for his counts. The counts were low (they call it neutropenic) and he was admitted this afternoon. He is having a blood transfusion and will hopefully get a good night sleep. We are hoping to be here for only a couple of days, but his counts will tell us when he is ready to go home. He has become more accepting to the 5th floor of the hospital, which makes it easier on all of us. It was good to have nana babysitting today, so she could take care of Thomas, while I took Nick in. We try not to schedule events too far in advance because we never know when something like this will happen. Of course, today and this weekend we had planned many activities.... and Nick was sad he could not have his playdate with Michael. We know he will be out of here soon and back to himself again. We have a free week of no chemo.... just the shot.


Jean said...

Oh Boy what a bummer, another weekend in the hospital.... I hope it is a short stay, we will all pray a little harder this week. Kudos to the karate kid... We will have to make sure we are nice to Colby when we visit, don't want to get any surprise karate chops. Hope you are out of the hospital and back home soon Nick. Jean

Auntie Lisa said...

I missed seeing you this weekend Nick, and hope you are feeling better and can come home today. Be good and listen to Mommy, Daddy and the Doctors and you should be home real soon. I love you Auntie Lisa