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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - A Weekend at Hole in the Wall

Hello All,
We had a wonderful weekend and can not say enough thanks to Hole in the Wall. I have attached some pictures and I can take you through them. Our camera battery died right at the Mother’s day breakfast and for some reason the pictures are out of order. I thought I was more digital inclined, but I guess not.

The first picture is coming into camp. The white building on the right is the administration building. We stopped their first and were greeted by Beth. Beth was our ‘Family Pal’ for the weekend and specifically there to take care of Tom for us. She was awesome and so good with Tom. He took right to her. It was kind of different to have someone carry your baby around while you had time to run after the boys and just relax. We also met Eric, another ‘Family Pal’ for us. He was great with the boys and Colby really took to him. The big building is the dining Hall. Greg and I can both say the food was great. Even though you have a camp style feel to the whole place, the food tasted homemade. The next pictures are of Sunday morning, Mother’s Day. The councilors decorated the dining hall and all the kids gave their moms presents. We sang songs and all the Mother’s received roses. This was definitely one of the best Mother’s Day I have ever had, especially with Tom this year. J

Let’s back up to Friday night. We had dinner and then headed over to the bon fire. The gang introduced themselves and Bruce kicked off the night with flame throwing. You can see Colby enjoyed the Smores. (Eric is behind them) We stayed in LuLu’s Lodge. It had the ski lodge feel but very clean and warm feeling. We had two rooms (2 bunks in each) with a joining bathroom/shower. You can see the boys getting ready for bed. On Saturday morning Beth was waiting for us in the Lounge area of the Lodge. She was ready to take the boys to the gym before breakfast. The gym was huge and a great place for all the kids to hang out. Saturday they had a bunch of activities for the families to do. We headed over to the boat dock for some fishing and you can see Colby caught a fish, although he refused to ‘kiss the fish’. We stopped in at the huge tree house and then the boys went to woodworking and each made an Army tank. After lunch Greg and I had time to ourselves. Beth and Eric played with the boys back at the lodge while Greg and I walked around the lake. We really enjoyed the time to ourselves and catching up with each other. After rest time we headed over to the rock climbing wall. We could not convince Colby to try, but they both decided to be spotters for us. The zip line was not working, so Greg and I repelled down the wall. The camp had stage night after dinner. The kids were so cute and most of them, not shy at all. Colby eventually got up and played the drums for the crowd. Sunday we were up bright and early and of course Beth was waiting for us. She took the boys (in the limo as they call it) to the gym, while Greg and I sadly packed up. After breakfast we headed back down to the boat dock for more fishing. And wouldn’t you know it, Colby caught the first fish of the day. He was so excited. The we headed over to Archery. The boys really loved it and I think Greg is getting some ideas for home. We ended the day after lunch and thanking our family pals.

We (I am sure greg agrees) can not put into words how wonderful this place was. The staff really made you feel at home and such a positive vibe throughout the place. We hope Colby will go to camp to next year, you have to be 7. Enjoy the pictures and we hope EVERYONE had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Take care.

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