Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3 To Go

After a hard day at clinic on Monday Nick now has 3 more shots to go. It was not an easy day for Nick as the steroids were raging and the back pain was causing discomfort but I think what tipped him over was the thought of the shot. Karen and I both recognize the amount of pain the shot creates. We were talking today about what it must be like to know it is coming and there is nothing he can do...and oh how he tries to get out of it. "Not today" or "I just have to tell you something" are some of his most infamous rants against getting the shot. With that being said, I have nothing but the greatest admiration for Nick. He bounced back great today when we were back there for his methotrexate. He was smiling and happy, which in turn made for a much easier morning. I will divert a minute here and tell everyone about some amazing people out there who have been a great support cast for Nick. Even Colby gets excited when Nick gets his "Angel Mail". The "Chemo Angels" are people out there who volunteer to send a letter sometimes a gift, other times a poem or a picture to cancer patients while they are undergoing there chemotherapy. Nick has had two "Angels" Laura and Trista. These two ladies really have put smiles on Nicks face as well as the rest of the family. The thought of not knowing yet still caring and never letting down and just being consistent is a show of true kindness. The organization is obviously run by people who understand the needs of cancer patients and do a seemingly small thing that turns into a monumental gesture to those who receive it. Back to another week in this phase of the treatment and closer to the next. We wish all well.


Nana and Papa Charlie said...

You are a special boy and Nana and Papa Charlie love you very much. You are so strong to get all the medicine that is making you better. We are so proud of you.

Tell Colby and Thomas that Nana and Papa Charlie loves them also.

See you on Friday morning.

Love us.

auntie michele said...


Uncle Normand and I are very proud of you. We are very excited for your family to come visit us at the beach real soon.


Auntie Michele

Jean said...

Good going Nick, only 3 more shots. I think you deserve a "NO MORE SHOTS" party when they are all done. Don't forget to invite me and Julie. See you in a couple of weeks. Jean