Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Shannon Family

Hi All,
This week we were at clinic on Monday and Tuesday. Both days were uneventful, which is good. He received his shot (4 to go) and the Vincristine chemo. We had to go back to clinic on Tuesday for the Methortrexate chemo. He came home on Monday with his port still accessed, so the clinic could administer the chemo on Tuesday through the port. He did a great job protecting it. Tuesday morning was his Kindergarten orientation. The school had all the kids line up behind the cone with their teacher's name on it. Then the teachers brought the groups around the school and even for a bus ride around town, while the parents stayed back for the presentation from the principal. Nick said he had a fun time on the bus except it was 'so bumpy, that his bum hurt'. He seems really excited about going to Kindergarten in September. I decided to send him to school (Prospect Hill) today. He said this morning that he did not feel like going, but was happy once we got there. I know he feels comfortable at school and the teachers are wonderful with him and the kids. They really go out of their way for Nick, we can't thank them enough. Greg and I believe Nick still needs to be with his friends and socialize, even on the days when he feels off a little. Today was one of those days. Nick said he was feeling 'homesick' when I picked him up today. I know being back on the steroids has his emotions going through a roller coaster. He will relax this afternoon and then off to see Joey tomorrow and maybe Michael on Friday.
Take Care, Karen


The Wykoff Family said...

We can't wait to you all in a few weeks. Kaitlyn is excited about going to kindergarden too in the Fall!!!! So glad you are feeling ok Nick.
See you soon,
Justin, Luke and Kaitlyn

ACT said...

I saw cousin Patsy at my Uncle's funeral this week. We spoke of Nick and I am in complete awe of your family. I enjoyed the Hole in the Wall weekend adventure ~ it sounds like amazing fun... a much deserved "vacation."

I check your blog several times a week. Surely it is an effort to keep up with the postings, but hopefully it helps to know that the world is full of "us nameless people" who are going thru this journey with you. We cheer at every milestone and say "naughty words" under our breath when treatment has Nick is under the weather.

Love to you all ... you are my inspiration.
Patsy's cousin ... Andrea