Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting Ready for April Birthday Month

Everyone is real busy at the Shannon Household. We are getting ready for baseball and flag football for the boys. Nick continues to feel great. I am still amazed we made it through winter with no sickness for Nick. Last year we were in/out of the hospital so many times, I thought it would not end. This year we are having fun at home and working really hard with Nick at school. He had his eye exam and apparently he was not too happy to receive the drops in eyes that his eye dilate. The good news is that everything turned out to be okay. The doctor said he was a little far sighted but felt he would out grow it and hope to be have complete normal vision. In 2 months we go for Nick's neuropsych. exam to see how he is developing mentally. We know he still is struggling in some aspects of school and not 100% up to his grade level. We continue to work with at home and practice reading a lot as well.
April is always a busy and exciting month for us. Nick's birthday is on the 2nd and Colby's is on the 25th. My sister's kids are all in April as well, so we have lots to celebrate. And our Nana (Greg's mom) will turn 70 on the 10th. That makes 6 birthdays this month. Since Greg and I enjoy having family/friends at our house, we will kick off the month with a party after the Tomorrow Fund Walk on the 10th. I am sure there will be more and for us, it's all about the kids.
We have signed Nick up for a week of camp at Hole in the Wall. He is very excited to go this summer and we hope to get away for a weekend at Camp Sunshine. We are also planning a trip to NC to visit my sister and family. I am not used to planning so far in advance, we always planned last minute because we never knew how Nick would feel. It's definitely hard to keep up with the schedule. I am traveling a lot for work right now and hopefully it will slow over the next month or so. Greg is working and going to school, so we are on the go most of the time. Tommy is growing by leaps and bounds. He is so smart and a really great boy. It is hard to believe he will be 3 this year. I try not to feel guilty about how much we missed of first year of his life, between Nick in the hospital, work schedules and maintaining on a daily basis. Tom was always in good hands with our family who helped us out, but I wish I could have been there more for him. As I always say, we are enjoying our time together tremendously as a family.
Please continue to pray for the children and families who are not as lucky as us. We just found out a girl in our clinic has relapsed with Wilm's tumor and they are trying to find the right treatment plan for her. She is 9 and to young to have to go through the treatment again.
I will keep everyone updated throughout the month as we celebrate birthdays. Karen

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JackSamMum said...

So good to hear about the happy times and a winter much different than the one before. We found the same thing...much less time spent in the ER and hospitalized. I will pray for the little girl....sometimes we have so much to be grateful for in our own experiences...
Love and hugs,