Nicholas finished treatment on 11/18/2010. He will continue to go for blood work for the next 3 years. He is still in remission.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Shannon Family -- Waiting for the Snow

Hi All,
It has been a very busy week for Nick. Clinic on Monday and then school on Thurday. (previous blog). On Wednesday, school was canceled for Colby so all 3 boys went over to Nancy's house (a wonderful person who runs daycare out of her house). Tom stayed the whole day and I picked Nick & Colby up at lunchtime. They both had a great time. Nick was the one who really wanted to go and see his friends. We are always nervous about how much we should let Nick go out and do. On Friday we had Michael over for a playdate. Unfortunately Nick was feeling tired for most of the day, so Michael played solo for a little while on the Wii. Colby came home from school and they played together until he had to leave. (Sorry Debbie, we'll try it again). It is hard to understand how Nick is feeling at times. One minute he is running around and the next he sleeps all day. He was in pain on Friday night to but refused to take pain medicine so it was heartbreaking to see him just lie on the couch trying to deal with it. He ended up going to bed and had a better day today. Auntie Lisa picked up Colby and Nick and brought them to her house. Of course, Nick was excited to go and jumped in the without even saying goodbye to Mommy. I picked him up in the afternoon and he slept the whole way home. I think he is definitely feeling different. Between the steroids, which makes him cranky and irritable and the chemo, he just does not know how to act sometimes. I guess I can say this week was great for Nick to get out and have some fun, but challenging for us with the meds. in his body and dealing with the mood swings. We move onto another week......
Just on a side note, we do read this blog to Nick at times and we would love to hear from you all out there. Take care. Oh yeah, we are suppose to get 7-10 inches of snow tonight, so maybe we can go outside tomorrow and build snowmen!!!


Jean said...

Sounds like some little boy has been very busy...Look who has a new sister, that's right Mr. Rusty Roy. Her name is Molly Marie. She will come and visit you Nicki next time Julie and I come to visit you. That will really drive your mommy crazy.... Hope you have another good week and another.... Enjoy the snow.

Nana and Papa Charlie said...

Hi Nick,

Nana has been having trouble signing in so maybe I have fixed it. We will try. Love you, Nana and Papa.

Nana and Papa Charlie said...

Yeah it worked.

auntie michele said...

hey Nicky, Rachel and I had a great time playing with you and Colby on Wednesday. Hopefully we can do it again before she goes back to California.

Auntie Michele

Patt said...

Just a note to say how happy we are to know you and Nick are all trying to keep some normalcy out of all this..as you all know by now there is a cycle of ups and downs pre and post chemo..Nick is such a brave and strong little one..It is a very hard situation for all..God will be by you all to give you strength.Bob will be done his rt the first of Feb..thanx for keeping him in your prayers.. He is doing well..Tim and family were over..the kids really keep them on thier toes..Connor is getting to be a hand full..which is good to see..you are all in our thoughts and prayers ..Love to all the Gang from Maine Patt